Through Eden, Principal Consultant and Executive Coach, Katrina Lempenski and her team have helped hundreds of global leaders embrace their authentic style and lead with purpose and meaning.

Rooted in transforming mindset using the science of Positive Psychology, Katrina and her team teach people how to identify their Limiting Beliefs and Mental Chatter so they may lead from a foundation of effective and powerful action.

By aligning the growth and development needs of the individual with the objectives of the organization, Eden provides a trusting and supportive feedback-rich environment where leaders gain valuable insights and enhance positive behaviors.

Eden works with leaders to:

  • Increase their self-awareness

  • Master strengths-based leadership

  • Transform their communication skills

  • Authentically influence with confidence and kindness

 Eden’s track record of success encompasses a wide variety of organizations who think progressively about leadership.  From large multinationals to creative entrepreneurial start-ups, Katrina’s global perspective to leadership work has shaped her ability to empathize and consciously respond to any leadership challenge with commitment and respect.

Eden’s Positive Psychology based coaching system is informed by a methodology that focuses on:

  • Comprehensive assessments & bespoke interviews

  • Actionable feedback

  • Clear outcomes

  • Tailored guidance

  • Long-term accountability

  • Self-coaching tactics

Each program is customized to fit the needs of both leader and organization, to ensure both performance and organizational goals are met and exceeded.


We believe that the best organizations are driven by a shared vision, values, purpose and goals; a strong culture supported by honest and open communication; respect and kindness; and a holistic commitment to excellence.

This said, team dysfunction can happen to the best organizations, and getting burdened by bureaucracy, red tape and a fear-based mentality can wreak havoc on culture and performance.

But some organizations can’t seem to get out of their own way. Teams work at cross-purposes, waste valuable resources, and become bogged down with bureaucracy and red tape. In these organizations, form becomes more important than substance, and the blame game and mistrust is rampant.

Eden’s consulting work identifies the breakdown, creates a strategic plan to fix that breakdown and improves the business performance and outcomes of people critical to the organization’s success through: 

  • Defining, developing, and strengthening leadership teams

  • Creating leadership alignment

  • Facilitating retreats, re-alignment and strategy offsites

  • Building a trusting, values-driven culture

  • Strengthening effective communication

  • Creating dynamic teams and meaningful relationships 


Training & Workshops

By customizing each training program and/or workshop, Eden provides solution based services that understand the needs and objectives of each organization and its leaders.

 Sample workshops include:

  • MANAGEMENT > A best-practice tutorial for Managers. We take a comprehensive look at the core skills, mindsets, and behaviors required for effective management and create a personal or team development for immediate implementation (plus, we have a lot of fun together!)

  • COACHING > An understanding and application of the power and potential of coaching. We discuss the differences between coaching and feedback and activate basic coaching principles to deepen the quality of conversations and management throughout the organization.                                                                                                                        

  • MINDSET > A must-experience foundation to connect with and harness the power of your mind. We first identify mental chatter / limiting beliefs and then apply reframing skills and coaching techniques to silence the inner critic and find peace within.

  • RESILIENCE > A deep-dive into the art of anchoring yourself, no matter the waves of change breaking within your personal & professional context. We dissect the power of resilience and learn several tools to create new habits for maximizing performance and increasing happiness, joy & ease.

  • STRENGTHS > A discovery and declaration of what you bring to the world. Leveraging the StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment, we identify your unique strengths and show you how to harmoniously own and powerfully harness your energy for greatest joy, impact and contribution.

  • EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK > A role-play oriented experience that demystifies the “how to” of giving and receiving feedback. We learn a harmonious + practical approach for tough conversations to instill a fearless feedback culture in the organization and home.


One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one virtual coaching sessions, with a recommended six to 12 sessions in a year, working with certified corporate and executive coaches, creates a confidential, personal and customizable opportunity to accelerate individual growth and improvement of leadership style/effectiveness.

Our coaching services are offered in the format that we have found to be the most effective based on our experience and are designed to foster growth across the leadership spectrum.

Client Welcome

All of our coaching relationships begin with a 3-part welcome process that supports the coach and client in clarifying coaching outcomes and establishing a rapport.

We begin with an exploratory coaching session that checks in with where the client is currently, and introduces them to the 360 assessment we use, The Leadership Circle™.  Once the assessment has been completed, and the results are returned, one of our coaches certified in The Leadership Circle™ will debrief the results of the assessment with the client, clarify coaching outcomes based on the client’s beliefs about what kind of change would best serve them, and supported by the data provided in the Leadership Circle™ 360.  From there, the client is free to interview up to three of our Coaches and choose the coach that feels like the best fit for continuing on.

Click here to read more about the Leadership Circle Profile™.

If a client is already in possession of a 360 provided by their organization we can build off of that if they prefer.

Strategic Consulting

Our i2a leadership formula is built around three essential aptitudes:

strategic thinking + strength-based leadership + network leadership.

Our application of this formula says:

find a strength and leverage it; where one doesn’t exist but is needed, develop the talent.

Our philosophy says:

all hands on deck – everyone is called to lead in some capacity or another.


  • Strategic-thinking: the capacity to be flexible and future-minded in your thinking (critical and creative thinking strengths and talents).

  • Strength-based leadership: the capacity to be self-aware in the moment, work from a source of natural strength and inspire your team to do the same.

  • Engage-your-network: the capacity to influence beyond traditional boundaries of expertise, authority or reputation by understanding the art and science of engagement, digital and face-time relationships, and the technology-driven spread of ideas and momentum.


We work with organizations and individuals to consult and coach on vision, strategy, alignment, engagement and mobilization when change is indicated either by desire or necessity. We use these three principles that set us apart and give you a better chance at sustainable success:

  • Make your thinking visible to others. We use a variety of techniques to make the group’s thinking visible in real-time and post facto, most notably through graphic facilitation and the creation of power graphics.

  • Woo by engaging intellect and emotion. We couple rigorous strategic thinking with the latest evidence-based approaches in positive psychology to engage smarts, heart and ingenuity in the pursuit of meaningful work.

  • Teach others to do what we do and give them the tools to do it themselves. We make our processes transparent and our tools available. Our techniques are teachable, scaleable and modularized to fit your competency and comfort level.