Image by: Gerardo Cid, ArtCodeData

Image by: Gerardo Cid, ArtCodeData

The Eden Collective knows how to sell. 

Our unified engagements ensure that we thoroughly understand your business.  From this committed foundation, we adopt an alliance model, creating a partnership that is transparent, accountable and effective.  This approach allows us to become an extension of your team - always. 

Why do we believe in this approach?  Simply put, because partnership creates trust, which coupled with aligned experience, drive results.


Our sweet spot is two-fold:

1)   The International Crowd

We love our work ushering global companies into the US market.  Our business development expertise is particularly geared toward those companies who are expanding from their home countries, seeking best practice sales/marketing/cross-cultural guidance.

2)   The Amplified

Companies in a vital stage of growth, who require experienced business development support.  From allied sales support, to in-house knowledge gain and training, we’re here to bolster your effectiveness.

The Eden Collective consulting style is steeped in sustainable value – a fancy way of saying that if we do our job well – your success should succeed us.

Please get in touch to see if we’re a match.  We’ll explore together and always connect with appreciation.