Katrina Lempenski, Founder & Chief Consultant

Katrina Lempenski is a development consultant who ignites the growth of people and places. Driven by the human side of business, she helps communities and their leaders create jobs, spur economic opportunity and thrive. 

Partnering with leaders of cities, states and countries, Katrina enhances performance amongst professionals operating in a heightened public capacity. Understanding both economics and personal development, she trains, coaches and counsels heightened, authentically integrated leadership. 

Katrina’s experience includes serving an array of global Economic Development Organizations. A sample of her coaching, training and consulting work includes Governmental Ministers/Foreign Leaders from The Australian Government, Governments of Texas, New York and Pennsylvania, as well as executive coaching within Goldman Sachs, Citi, Morgan Stanley and Nielsen. 

Warmly operating from a servant leader mindset, her business philosophy encourages commitment, connection and communication. As a native Vermonter, Katrina’s work has taken her to five continents while building her home community in New York City.